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Bright and early awakening to see the sun rise in the horizon... behind where we took shelter. Mountain on one side, a peek of the sea in between the buildings, very relaxing as we sipped our hot teas.

As mentioned in MX's post, we spent the day at Makuyama-koen Plum Blossom Festival... photos with comments do best, methinks :)

Just in front of JR Yugawara... near where we were living :D

A hint of what was to come...

Interesting honour purchase system... MX made off with two bunches along the way. After putting in appropriate payment, of course.

Ice cream and vitaminised drink to rescue parched throats along the 4km upward way!

Interesting little statuettes on the way up...

Complete with waterfall scenery!

The bright red berries caught my eye...

As did the kittycat in the window :D It had sulky look -.-

Roadside shrubbery...

I like the pink look... but just wonder... how do these trees live without leaves?!

And just as we thought we nearly arrived... we had to walk another 100m to reach the bit below.

HY gallantly goes forth and gets the goodies to follow! :D

Ok. Senget, I know... but the camera was perched precariously and we were really focusing on the background. Honest.

Meet PIG. We had close encounter when he decided to say hi by making an attempt at HY's bread. Must've been the plastic shining in the sun, we concluded later, since he swooped a few times through the afternoon and came up at least once with an actual packet which was calmly disposed of above tourists' heads after the contents were gobbled somewhere...

The weather was gorgeous, even the smurfs came out to play!

This guy was there with his parents. I can't believe they let him dress like that. Blinding.

Plenty of dogs came along for the fun with their owners, but we liked these stubby little dachschunds best!

Flowers, flowers, flowers... that was what we made the entire journey for, after all!

Peaceful burd.

Not peaceful burd. Seeking his next prey...

Think ma would want to grow these in the kitchen, if she could...

We filled our bottles from this, then lay down by the riverside to sleep. In all honesty. I cannot describe the experience really, but I didn't get sunburn, and the warm sun was all toasty and... nice ;)

This shop deserves special mention, because it's right beside our favourite hangout at the bus stop bench where we waited for people to go away and abandon their building so we could go sleep there. This entire display is set up every morning at about 6plus and dismantled completely every night at 7plus. No dawdling either. I literally had it materialise beside me as I scribbled in my journal... first there was an uncle with some crates of fruit. Next thing you know, the whole stall is shining bright and welcoming customers. In the evening, uncle was replaced by young lady... who was even faster about dematerialising the entire kaboodle.
Pictures of where we overnighted to come at a later date... I prefer not to give it away now since the local police are probably able to get suspicious and track us down or something. Hehehehe.

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