Munchies of Sendai

Posted By: Kimberly

We started the day today in the supermarket. Being hugely hungry despite the many cups of hot chocolate and drinks and ice cream from the i-cafe (liquids can only do that much, after all), we nearly scoffed the lot without getting pictures.

The breakfast selection
I couldn't really resist later when we went to the market though, the queue for this was nonstop, and people were hauling packages the size of Bee Cheng Hiang at CNY period from the counter of this korokke stall. I had a random one (since my reading is horrible), and the random meat was indeed moist and flavorsome, while the outside was perfectly crispy without dripping any oil. YUMS!

Another irresistable food tasting attempt came when the dango counter came around. This one's covered in shoyu sauce. I keep wanting to eat them with some honey, but it's awfully tasty even when salty somehow.

Starbucks gets my bomb of the day award though. It being the right season and all, I thought I would be extravagant for once and treat myself to a cup of Sakura steamer. The picture was very tempting, of course...

But somehow the mug made it look a whole lot less appealing. This was when I realised that most of the patrons in Sendai's Starbucks (I peeked at other branches too) were using plastic cups and paper cups or mugs, even when they were sipping it in the cafe. What's with that wastage? And I don't get what happened to all the really cool Starbucksy cups either. I've seen them in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. So what's up, Japan? Or is it just Sendai?

The steamer was reasonably tasty, I guess. But when a person pays for a cup of Starbucks, it's not just about the flavour... the presentation's definitely important too.

Local flavour of the day award... Japanese Nasi Lemak! Well, not really, but it looked awfully like it was. With chicken "sambal chilli" teriyaki, omelette and fried bits.

As mentioned before, I wanted to try Japanese KFC. But the menu looked so awful that I thought we'd shelve it for some other time... they don't even have whipped potato here, and it's all seriously overpriced.

We decided on a yakitori restaurant in the end, one last splurge before our long long day of 14 hour train ride tomorrow. We need something to make up for the bread and biscuits diet tomorrow. Very satisfactory meal, though not really outstanding. We give thumbs up to their free cup of chicken soup and little palate cleansing saucer of grated radish, though!

And so ends our gastronomical delights of Sendai. More places to eat our way through soon!

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