i-Cafe, we LIKE!

Posted By: Kimberly

We couldn't possibly stay at a place three days running and not give them some credit, right? So here's a short photo presentation of our temporary shelter. Great staff, cushy seats, and FANTASTIC toilet, even though we had to pay an extra 320 yen (per 40mins) to use it. Very popular place!

Rates are 1980 yen for overnighting from 8pm to 10am. Can't leave the place after getting the package deal though, so better make sure you've got all your stuff ready for it!

This branch is located on the 7th floor of the LABI building, just a short walk away from JR Sendai Station on the overhead walkway. The tourist information counter at the station was more than happy to recommend this to us. There is a need to sign up for the membership at 350 yen, but somehow when we went the staff offered us a coupon to discount the fee, so we didn't have to pay it at all.

Clean, hygienic and not at all sleazy, though they do provide tissues... for wiping up spilt drinks, of course *winks*

Just two of their entire range of drink machines
Freeflow ice cream too!

Teas and hot drinks counter. The signs on the left inform customers of the timing of the free food.

Drinks and drinks and drinks!

Front service counter. Staff were unfortunately too shy to take piccies with us...

A wee peek into our living conditions. Hohoho.
HY's room on 2nd night.

Width of room.

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