Day 1 at Choshi!

Posted By: Kimberly

And to revisit Choshi... our gorgeous day represented in a picture flow here, starting with the bus, the piles of seabirds in and around the shipyard, our journey to the beach, and observatory too! Sidewise pictures of flowers because I know my mum loves them :D *waves hi ma!*

The last two pictures were taken from the top of the observatory... my only view of the far-off Byobugaura cliffs, and a sweet pic of a passing plane... :D
No shots of accomodation once again, because sweet restaurant lady recommended a little hotel to us and we felt bad to refuse her. Budget is slightly injured, but will recover. Little hotel had cushy blankets and we enjoyed bath facilities for the first time since I entered Japan. I can tell you, I really took my time to soak away all the grime and enjoy the hot water! Next opportunity for bath, unknown at this point!

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