We are leaving today.

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We are leaving today.

Our safe Haven.

Our comforts.

Our familiarity.

Our ease of living.

We are leaving that all, for Japan. Land of the rising sun. People have loved it, and I sure hope we will. Our trip is not the normal kind of trip that most people do to Japan, so we'll expect some interesting things to crop up along the way.

Our itinerary is mostly done, but we expect changes, even a 3 day 2 night camp has changes, how could we possibly expect that our 3 month trip has none?

Most of all, we expect to experience the most interesting trip ever. Experience a different country.

With little budget, the most things we'll bring back are memories (good and bad), photos, and possibly many many sakura blossom pressings. :D

My next post will probably come when we reach Japan. Till then, wish us luck, pray for us. We appreciate all goodwill.

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