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Ok. So as THY mentioned, we are finally moving, this time tomorrow I'll be at the airport, or headed towards it.

As mentioned, I am afraid. I am trying very hard to think of all the good things, and it's just really, really REALLY difficult. Whoooooooooo~.

But breakdown's over and life goes on, hopefully this means I get to be more smiley instead of the uberstressed frowny look that has been on my face the last couple days except when I was out with friends and family (thank you all loads for the care and fun!). I didn't want to taint the outings with faces like -.- and >.> and @.@

So what comes next? I don't know. Where are we sleeping tomorrow? On the airplane. (phew) Day after that? No idea. But he-who-talked-to-me did bring up a few things that I had very nearly forgotten...

1. I get FREE AIRCON for the next 88 days!!!!!!!
2. I get to visit DISNEYLAND for the first time in my life!
3. I get to see BEARS, coming out of hibernation!
4. I get to take part in SAKURA VIEWING!
5. I get to eat KFC in yet another country!!!

Ok. So he didn't mention 4 and 5, but I rather look forward to those, too. 5 is especially important, because so far in every country I've gone, I've made it a point to try KFC - Thailand's rocks my socks most! - and compare. Macs too, but those don't seem very different really except where the burger sizes change.

So away with the sniping and upset, shoo shoo pui pui to all those evil things... and bring it on.

I went to the temple too, and my fortune said for me not to take risks (apparently I won't get away with it) and to be patient for good things to come. Ok. So now I be patient. Tomorrow good things will come ;)

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