Matsushima, the gloom ridden island...

Posted By: Kimberly

During the tsunamlet scare earlier this week, we considered changing our itinerary entirely to catch devastated spots. Of course, we know by now that this was not to be, so the trip to Matsushima Bay was expected to be as scenic as one might expect one of the "Top Three Views" of Japan to get.

It certainly wasn't disappointing in terms of the rockworks... I loved the interesting shapes of the islets, and the way in which they were pine covered was completely reminiscent of classic Oriental paintings.
However, the day's weather forecast of "cloudy with no rain" proved to be more of a killer whang than we originally considered. It being coastal and all, the fresh ocean breeze was pretty much nonstop.

We spent the day doing a leisurely walk around the main attractions of the islands, avoiding the cost of actually entering them because we felt that they were not entirely worth it. We were not, however, averse to spending a little on the food. I liked the cow's tongue, springy and beefy... the piping hot sliver of meatness was perfect against the chill. MX reported the steamed oyster as being zsuppy though, and somewhat regretted his decision not to wait the few extra minutes for a BBQ version. The delicious smells of the food were wafting up and down the street, with all the vendors throwing open their windows to let the breeze advertise their wares for free.

Remains of miso shellfish soup... free service portion, whole steaming hot bowl!

Smoked cow's tongue - yummy!

One of the many vendors selling the goodies... I had those shellfish onnastick :)

MX's portion of the steamed oyster. Reportedly very zsuppy indeed.

Shellfish that I wanted to try, but didn't. I think 800yen is exorbitant! Oh for the la la and gong gong back home T.T

I'm probably never going back to Matsushima Bay without murdering three seals and a polar bear before that. At least not during Spring or Autumn. Winter would probably warrant three bears and an orca's worth of blubber. Things to keep in my tropically-brought-up mind. Spring is not just about pretty flowers. It's about the tail end of Winter, too o_o

We also had an interesting encounter today... returning to Sendai, we ended up sitting on the floor outside a nice restaurant in the corner of the train station. Mainly because we wanted to get our paperwork done before collecting our bags and heading for the i-cafe that is "home" for these few days. Along comes a Japanese gentleman who enquired where we were staying and whether we had eaten, and we unfortunately replied "Internet cafe!" and "Yes, we have!" in bright and cheery tones... upon which he tootled off and we wondered if we had lost an opportunity right there T.T

Next time anyone enquires, our answer is going to be "Unfortunately, we have no idea." I wonder what kind of adventures that might bring? :)

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