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Righty... so for those of you following this blog for some time now, and who view my photos on Facebook (friends only, unfortunately, to maintain a little control over viewership and comments), you'd have noticed that we've pretty much been wearing the same clothes day in day out as we move from place to place. Do we smell funny? Maybe. Sometimes... but you know what? It takes super long for me to smell bad, thanks to a cool new t-shirt I'm testing.

I would like to say that I would have preferred to test this in the home environment, since nothing beats the tropics for testing anti-sweat stuff. But being the base layer or 2nd most base layer in a 5 layered outfit isn't bad for it either. I don't notice much smell getting out while the jackets are zipped up, but at certain times, when we get the chance to shed a couple skins... we definitely know where the clothes stand in terms of how badly they need to be laundered.

I'm amazed how well the treatment works. I was dubious at the start, but now I really wish I had my socks and underwear on this trip dosed with the same wonder chemicals!

Only half of it is treated, but hey, half the smell is good, you know. Having worn this T shirt pretty much nonstop for the last couple weeks, I can say that it has pretty much withstood what I've thrown at it so far. Longest record without washing it was four days. And at the end of those four days, I could tell exactly which side was chemically treated and which side I WISH had chemical treatment since the fragrance rolling off half of the shirt could knock out a skunk.


After bath time, both sides of the shirt smelled the same again...

Rinse and repeat. Dashing around in the city, taking alternate day baths to save money, letting the sweat soak and marinate the shirts just to see what would happen...

This was one of those places which was so well heated inside that under all those layers, my clothes were totally damp. I didn't take off any layers until I really couldn't take it any more, partly to see how much the Agion could take, and partly because there wasn't really a convenient place to plant it.

Again, it gradually became more and more obvious which side of the shirt was needing more care to keep fresh.

Good stuff, this!

If I wasn't smelling fresh enough I would never have dared to take this picture. Two days without bathing, and I stripped off my jackets to do this photoshoot under a sakura tree in Hikone Castle grounds, one of Japan's National Treasures. There were visitors all around us, and nobody so much as sniffed when I walked by. I know this could be because they are a polite people, but I doubt it.

I have to say, the T-shirt really works well in more ways than just being so amazing that I haven't had to use my one other spare tee yet, keeping me carrying minimal clothes and less whiffy than otherwise. With the shirt on, my jacket layers aren't getting to stink as quickly as in my previous travels. To put it indelicately, it doesn't matter whether I've used any deodorant on my armpits, as long as I have the magic (half of the) shirt on.

It is also praiseworthy that the material of the test shirt is fantastic - it feels ultra good on the skin, and I very much like sleeping with the shirt on. A touch of comfort in the days of roughing out...

I think if I had Agion Tech's treatment on my clothes, I wouldn't bother with bringing more than two sets on any of my backpacking trips. One for in case it rains, the other for just wearing on, and on, and on! In fact, if they bottled and sold the stuff in a spray can, I'd probably douse all my clothes in it so I know I never have to worry about being smelly again!

In a couple days, we're headed for hotsprings and monkeys. I'm going to bring the shirt in with me to the sauna. I want to see how it holds up against sulphuric fumes!

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