Day 6 in Matsushima Bay

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We woke this morning at 8 and checked out of our comfy internet cafe sleeping place to head for our day trip destination. Matsushima Bay, one of the top 3 scenic sights in Japan. There were a number of routes we could take to explore Matsushima. Thus there were a few things we had to decide.

First was which station we wanted to start from. We could either start from Hon-Shiogama Station (300yen)and take a cruise down over to Matsushima or start from Matsushimakaigan (400yen) and take a cruise over to Hon-Shiogama Station. No matter what the cruise would cost us 1400 yen.

Second, was the cruise we wanted to take. We had several choices, of which we attempted to make an online reservation at an english site ( which would cost us only 1260 yen due to a 10% discount for online bookings. However, the reply we got was that they would get back to us in a few days time, of which we didn't have, so we steeled ourselves for a 1.4k yen charge for the cruise. The routes available were either from Hon-Shiogama to Matsushima or vice versa or Hon-Shiogama round trip or Matsushima round trip.

We figured that since we wanted to check out Matsushima bay, and have the cruise too, we picked our cheapest option. Which was to take the cruise from Hon-Shiogama, which would cost us 320 yen reach via train, the cruise costing us 1.4k yen and returning from Matsushimakaigan 400 yen.

However when we reached Hon-Shiogama we were greeted with a pleasant surprise. JR operated a cruise line too. At we could get the 10% discount on the spot, so we took it immediately and left for the cruise which was to depart at 12, 10 mins from the time we reached the station.

The cruise itself was quite leisurely, watching people feed the amazingly fat seagulls, and the islets move by.

Some pictures.

Seagulls Galore

For more pictures of the islets, view the facebook album.

After a leisurely 50 min cruise, we hit Matsushima Bay. Which wasn't all that bad, the surroundings were serene, and peaceful. We took a stroll down to the tree-lined path to the temple. And we spotted a stall selling Sendai's specialty. Cow's Tongue (Gyu-tan). We had a sample each, and boy was it good. Even to me, considering that I am honestly quite averse to such things. However IMO, I wouldn't consider it a delicacy, and pay the exorbitant prices exhibited at JR Sendai (averageing 1k yen). Kim did however purchase a portion to eat costing 500 yen. Also, Matsushima's specialty seems to be shellfish, to be exact oysters. Didn't try that, cos I'm not really into shellfish.


The Cows Tongue.

Walking down the pine tree lined path to Zuiganji Temple, was total serenity. The tree's gave shade and an aura of peacefulness.

Can you feel the serenity?

MX trying to be tree.

We hung around for the rest of the afternoon, climbing one of the islets Oshima. We lost MX halfway, but managed to regroup after some time. We then went down to Godaibo to check out the view of the Fukuura island. By then it was freezing. And we had no clue what the exact temperature was. So we braved the cold air and headed for Fukuura Bridge. Which was quite some distance away from our cozy warm waiting room. When we reached there, our fingers were nearly frozen off already, and we quickly snapped a couple of pictures, grabbed a stamp in our journals and headed back for the JR station to head back to Sendai.

And now here is where I am, nice and cozy in Sendai's I-cafe. Apparently Sendai was freezing cold as well. Why? Because it was raining. And the temperature? It was 1 degree at 6pm in the evening. Did I ever mention our day in Japan ends at 5.30pm? Yea its cos the world goes dark then, and most places start to close, thats excluding places like Sendai and Tokyo which thrive on night businesses.

Verdict: Come to Matsushima Bay in end spring, or summer. Not at the start of spring. Everything looks dreadfully dead. Beautiful, but I think better alive. May come back again, JUST to see the islets with more color.

Oh yea, I've also started wearing this shirt which I got from AGION to test for this trip. One half side is treated with their AGION technology and the other half is a normal dri-fit shirt. I believe even in such low temperatures, wearing it for 3 months will produce rather remarkable results and a full review will then be due. Expect weekly results from this shirt when I can get to post them. Further testing will also be done back in Singapore, after which I'll submit everything to AGION and hope that this review will please them much. I most certainly agree with Kim that few others will be able to compare with us on length of trip outdoors.

Thanks AGION for providing this shirt, and we'll most certainly be happy to provide the reviews. :D

Till the next time of the unknown, stay tuned for more. XD

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