Oh Sendai, How I love thee!

Posted By: Kimberly

I'm not kidding. I really love this place. Not that I didn't like Choshi and Yugawara... but Sendai, to me, is the first place where I really got to enjoy Japan. Despite the cherry blossoms of Yugawara and the cliffs and waves of Choshi... it was Sendai where I finally got to see all the fash fash people that are synonymous with Japan. Bright lights, mini skirts, thousand buck hairdos... yeah, we could see that the action was here, indeed.
Outside View of JR Sendai Station
All busy busy inside!Whole fleet of taxis waiting for the evening crowd

I love the random whimsy in their street signs... monkeys for their roadworks?
Sendai at night is all big city stuff, bright lights and neon blazing away. This is the first place we've come to (since the 24hour Macs in Narita) where closing times aren't set at sundown and the place isn't totally dead at night. It's welcome relief for the three of us citybred people...

Shiny shiny shiny!

It's a whole building of restaurants. *drools*

Building of "home".. *points at 7th Floor*

The very welcoming front door! Warmth, imagined privacy, freeflow drinks, tech access. What more could weary travellers on a budget ask for?

And it was only after getting to this place that we realised the lady at the information counter who told us how to make all the complicated train changes really did know what she was about when she insisted we take the "Rabbit" train.

So there we are, in recognisable Japan at last!

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