Japan Day 0 to Day 5. Ultra long post.

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So, I finally get a connection thats long enough to do stuff. At 1,940 yen for the whole night, which makes this place my staying place with a roof overhead and warmer, I think its pretty cool. Compared to a hotel which brings us round to about 4k? I figure, its worth it. (Comes with food and drinks and toilet)

Ok, so begins my post of Day 0, From Changi Airport to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi AP. I hit Changi AP to meet up with Kim before Check-in and just as I left house MX called to ask what time we were going to meet up *shocknhorror* To understand this, Changi Airport is situated in the Eastern-most-ish part of Singapore, Kim and I stay rather far East, and MX stays way out West. *shocknhorror* Well anyway I told him the time, and he went ok, so I assumed he'd be there.

So I hit Changi AP with my mom and met up with Kim. Whereupon we realised that the flight opens at 1455 and not 1555. Which is expected upon hindsight, cos the gate normally opens an hour before the plane rises. So we looked around, and called MX, who didn't pick up the call, and more *shocknhorror* so we decided to check-in first w/o him.

Soon the one and only person to come send us off reached.

Enter Vincent Chong Kah Leong. (Hey Kah Leong Kah Leong~ Whatchu Doing Now?~)


Luckily, he arrived within the next 15 mins with his parents. Apparently he took taxi down.

Group Photo
My mom and I

So we finally made our way into the Departure lounge after much waiting. And Lo and behold, in a couple of mins we were off on our flight to Thailand. We had airline food, and it turned out that by the time it reached me, I was left with some prawn noodle thing that resembled Wantan Mee. So I pointed out that I had a prawn allergy to the nice flight attendant who immediately rushed off and returned with....

Special Meal for Special people. Kim believes this is staff food. I just have thanks for the speedy and kind service by Thai Airways staff.
Kim *nomnom* Wantan mee

Detailed pic of my noodles

Veggies that I didn't eat. MX ate most of it.


After a 2 hour flight, we hit BKK AP. This is Thailand, Land of the Weirdly Placed Toilet Signs.

Flight Connection Bridge

See what I mean, this actually leads to nowhere

Another angle for clarity

Last one, o.O

We soon realised Kim's Iphone was down. Which was bad. So we attempted many ways to try to bring it back to life. First up was an internet cafe in the airport. Freaking expensive place, 100 baht for 20 mins. =.= Which failed. So we dejectedly went to get a drink and chill in the transit area. I went to the toilet and spotted a lady with a laptop, so I hurriedly went back to tell Kim about it, and she attempted once again to revive it, which the lady kindly allowed us use of her laptop, but once again, it fails. Utter failure. T.T

Our flight to Narita was at aound midnight, so we boarded the plane and bade goodbye to Bangkok. The flight was long, around 6 hours worth of flight time. We were served 2 meals and the first was cake, supper. Then breakfast.

My breakfast. American Style

The other choice. Prawn Fried Rice. Which I obviously couldn't take.

Day 1 we hit Narita AP round about 6. Cleared immigrations with slightly less difficulty than expected. I sped through it only to find that Kim and MX were stuck. O.o to my surprise of course, didn't expect Kim to get stuck. However it was only a minor delay, and soon we were off waiting for our luggage. Which came quickly with Japanese efficiency.

Next up was our quest for our Handphone, which was to be obtained at the MOBAL NARITA counter. Apparently it wasn't opening till 8, so we hung around and re-arranged our packs to fit everything back into the LARGE pack. I went poking around at the toilets, because I was so curious, but by now its become a common sight for me lol.

Narita AP toilet comes with personal cubicle. With automated door!

Buttons for door!

Fancy Gadget Toiletbowl. Comes equipped with heated seat.

This is apparently for you to wash hands while seated on bowl. Water is then cycled for use for flushing.

Detailed explanation on works of toilet.

Many buttons. o.O

Emergency button, in case you get butt stuck.


Next up we headed out to Narita City. Most of which was Shinshoji Temple, and a really hard to find Tourist Pavillion. You can read the stuff we did at Kim's post. Posting some photo's that I captured. My conclusion is that Narita City is not worth a stay over. Perhaps a day visit, and probably only once in my life, unless I make it a point to go there to pray.

This I have to post. My special meal of the day from AEON mall Market in Narita.

Yes, you can tell I really liked this peanut butter bread.

Next up we headed for Choshi.

Breakfast before heading to Choshi at a Convenient store AMPM.

Day 2 @ Choshi was much more interesting compared to Narita with its sole attraction Shinshoji Temple. It had a nice beach, cliffs, observatory, most of which can be read from the other authors posts. Some of my pictures tho.

Sweet dog who walked over and sat and stared at Kim's sandwish. XD Really polite though, didn't beg or try anything funny.

Crashing waves.

Me squinting cos the sun was in my eyes. This was at a clifftop.

Interesting hot water shower we found at the beachside rest house. Runs for 5 mins once u put coins.

Marimo without even hitting Hokkaido!?

Special anchor lamp posts cos Choshi is a port.

Signs. I belive it spells Choshi.

We found Pizza-la! See Link


MX's expensive Dinner (Cold Soba)

My expensive dinner (Curry Soba)

Kim's expensive dinner (Sukiyaki Udon)

Boss Lady.

Next up, we headed to Yugawara on day 3 cos we woke up late after the Hotel night. ZZZ which screwed our itinerary by 1 day, so we gave the mountain climbing a miss, it was too dangerous to attempt since it got too late. For a detailed review of Yugawara, see Kim's post. Yugawara had really little information online, so we decided it had to make it to the net somehow, so that people would get to know of this beautiful place that shuts down real early; around 9pm at night EVERYTHING closes except the station which does just before midnight. Some pictures.

Funky puppy.
Is it me or do Japan's cats all look like they had a bad day. This one was comfortable with strangers even though it looked like that. o.O
For Edward. If you want it, just head down to Yugawara Station, nearby Odawara 100 store. :D
Somehow somewhere on the label, it said this was a vegetable bun.

Day 5 was a really long trip from Yugawara to our current destination. Sendai. The train ride with all its transfers took us about 9 hours? We started out from Yugawara at 4.40am, and hit Sendai at 2.30pm. Man it was a hellishly long journey, but totally worth the experience. I expect alot more of these journeys in the days to come, cos we are budget, and budget means only 1 7-day Japan Rail Pass for comfy Shinkansen rides. So far Sendai has been the only place that just about has people. And proper travel infrastructure, like the internet that I'm using now. A couple more pictures before I end this post.

This is what we took 9 hours of train for.
Lunch for 380 yen.
Tourist Information Centre of very helpful english speaking people. Apparently Japan has enough domestic tourists that most of the smaller towns TIC's are exclusively Japanese.
Gloomy bear's at the Taito Gamecentre.

Sendai was all interesting and fun until I hit the Taito Gamecentre. Whereupon my lack of Japanese reading skills cost me 500 yen, as I bought a dragonquest game card from a machine that I thought changed 100 yen coins into 500 yen coins. ZZZ. Depressing stuff. But I managed to bounce back up and rumble through the shopping arcade. Many shoe shops were seen with really cool shoes, that I would've loved to obtain if I were not on such a trip. The weight and trouble are too much to be worth buying them now.

Some sort of specialty there with lost of people queueing up for it. Not worth my 150 yen. Its a fried battered fishcake thing.

Dinner at 24 hour restaurant. Kinda like yoshinoya. This is the call device they use to call you when your meal is ready.
Dinner for 570 yen. Curry rice and Beef rice.

Tomorrow is going to be a day down at Matsushima Bay. And right now I'm just about ready to turn in for about 6 hours of sleep. Heh. Stay tuned for my infrequent updates.

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