Gear Review: Armpocket Sport20 by Armpocket

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I received my Armpocket Sport20 on the 9th of February and I have been putting it to test on all my runs so far.

Before I get to the review, heres a picture of the Armpocket.
In my favourite colour. Oh so damn rare.

Reflective piping FTW.

At the bottom-line, the Armpocket has managed to serve its function as a small carrier for running. However, it has far exceeded my expectation during my runs. 

First of all, the strap. it's not the conventional velcro strap that completely ruins ALL dri-fit shirts that it snags onto. This one, doesn't snag at all, much less cause any weird fibres running out of the shirt.

Next, the memory foam really made a difference to the snugness of the Armpocket during runs. It forms up to the shape of your arm when you tighten up the strap, and because the material actually has a lag time getting returning to it's normal shape from compression and vice-versa, it provides a constant snug fit even while your arm muscles flex and relax throughout the run, reducing bounce to nearly zero. Best of all? After sweating bucketloads, this thing does NOT slip downwards. Do note that you do have to fasten this baby up just above the triceps for its perfect lasting non-slip powers.

I thought the loop at the side to hold down the zippers were an awesome and well thought out detail for the Armpocket. It does exactly what I said, hold them zippers down, which is an often neglected detail in other running pouches.

Your common earphone jack pass-through. Which is made of silicon (?) and provides a fair bit of traction so that you don't end up with extending wires during your runs. They performed exactly as Armpocket said it would, even with my cloth covered wire on my Skullcandies.

Inside! The Armpocket Sport20 is supposed to be sufficient to hold, 1 smartphone, credit cards, keys (not too many), cash and a couple of gels. The slots at the back serve to hold cards and keys for me. Which is perfect, considering that I would REALLY REALLY prefer not to realise at the end of my run that the back of my phone has been DESTROYED by a bouncing key in the pouch. Oh yes, and an elastic band holds the phone towards the front of the pouch which minimises movement of the phone.

Finally, the all important question. Does the plastic actually allow you to use your amazing CAPACITIVE touch-screen smartphone? Well, if you can see how I've swiped my last page on the phone to the left, the answer is obvious. Although I must say that you do need to get used to using a little bit more pressure to get the phone to react, but I attribute that to the plastic being loose and slightly away from the screen, an acceptable factor.

The ONLY issue that I have with the Armpocket is that it's so perfectly sized for the phone that you end up with your straight earphone jack sticking out at the top. The issue can easily be solved with the usage of a bent jack earphone, but since I'm fine with running around with this, I'll live with the problem. Half and inch more of material would have been perfect for covering everything.

Well after 4-6 runs with this pouch, I'm glad to say that, Armpocket, you have not disappointed me. In fact, I am now an extremely satisfied customer of Armpocket and would definitely recommend it to anyone out there who is looking for a running pouch. Especially if you use your smartphone's tracking features for your sport activities. To top it off, they have 5 other awesome colors if you're bored of the only color available in the market, BLACK.

On a side note, as a customer who has experienced top-notch service from the staff at Armpocket, I would like to thank them for the prompt and excellent service rendered to me. Great product, great people.

Get yours at ARMPOCKET.
*Disclaimer: This is an independent, and unbiased review of the above product by me. It has not been funded nor instructed nor guided by the folks at ARMPOCKET. I will however provide them a link to this page so they may use it as a testimonial. All runs have been completed in Singapore, tropical weather.*

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