Exciting new place to stay in Nagoya!

Posted By: Kimberly

MX's wandering feet have hit jackpot for us in Nagoya... here's our spanking new home for the next five nights. It's so new that the congratulatory flowers are still arranged in their foyer, and the celebration party was on tonight for the grand opening!

Front door! Very warm and inviting inside!

Staff at the counter, with a party celebrant to the right ^.^

Presenting to you, the next big thing in Nagoya's internet cafe scene... the Meiekimae.com! Impressively situated in one block over 8 floors, they've got a females-only level, a library's worth of manga and magazines, games level and more!

Checking out some of the titles from the impressive array. This is stocked like a decent bookstore, and all the books are shiny and new too!

My place. See all that space? There's more of that, where the table and computer set take up one side of the room. Luvverly space, space and more space!

Not our cube, but an option for those who actually want a chair

I'm typing this now from my very lavish pad, it's a good 2mx2m room with cushy floor and a couple cushions for sitting, widescreen LG Flatron monitor and PC engines so quiet I can hear myself breathe. This is definitely a huge upgrade from the previous place, where my computer sounded like an aeroplane taking off everytime I was trying to upload my photos. It eventually got done, of course, but here, everything is happening faster. WAY faster. I also have an overhead light because I have a ceiling! The guys are in cubes right next door, also lounging on their very own cushy platforms, spacious enough to stretch and roll around a bit in.

The leather's still all soft and smelling fresh from the store!

They've got a package deal going at 1600 yen for a block of 8 hours at night, and for tonight we're extending it at a charge of 105 yen/15mins in case we oversleep... considering how expensive we're finding Nagoya, in relation to what we've been getting in Japan so far, this is definitely worth the price.

Other than the usual range of freebies like various drinks, they've got additional perks on the upper levels...

No smoking for us, but the couch is still really cushy and great to slack in

And games machines for those who get bored of their stunning PC access, or just want to hang out with fellow campers at the net cafe!

We like the laundry access option in particular... fresh clothes are a must-have, and it recognises that some stayers in the net cafe need more than just a quick shower or a few hours to crash. Backpacker bargain alert!

Not for us, again, but the ciggies and food vending machine beside the lifts on the ground floor are a good thing for some people to get their fix. They also do "room service" for a mean curry rice topped with a pork cutlet at 850 yen. The phones are right by the lifts, so all a person has got to do is make a quick call!
Lounging area right by the counter so people can lay back and watch TV

Toilets on every level, clean enough to have a drink in ;)

So we managed to arrange our stay here for the next few days, we shall be adjusting our itinerary to suit our choice to live it up right here. The staff were sweet enough to accomodate us by promising to keep our cubey spaces for us each night - we rather thought they would fill up really fast once the news gets out that there's such a great place!
Just a couple of things on my wish list for this place. They're so new that a couple very small things are still missing from the lineup:
1. Slippers - I think this will be more important once the place starts filling up. I simply ran around barefoot for today because the floor is still pristine, but I wouldn't want to do that once the hordes start milling. Nor is it very comfy for a long staying type to be dragging their shoes on every other time they want to hop out of the cubicle to grab a drink.

2. Tissue box/Bin in the shower room - These are necessities, especially in the ladies' rooms. Many girls do major make-up here, nevermind other pesky female inconveniences, so it would be nice to make it more convenient. If they don't want odd rubbish in their bathrooms, perhaps disposal bags would be good?

I want to end on a more positive note though, so I will end with 3 more big pluses they have for me.
1. When you shower with them, you get a baggie package with a full size bath towel, a face towel, disposable toothbrush and razor. So thoughtful of them, right?

2. I love their hairdryer - it's got a hairbrush attachment so it makes it super convenient for a girl to do her hair after the hot shower!

3. The cleanliness of this place is currently unparalleled. I felt like I was totally dirtying up the place when I came in here all scruffy from the day's activities!

So this should be the number one option for people who need a place to crash, the fattest, tallest person won't ever have problems fitting comfortably into their 8 levels of comfort!
Happy friendly people!

MEIEKIMAE.COM, access map available from their website. Walking distance from JR Nagoya station and miles better than "Rounge" e-cafe, which the Visitors Info Counter recommended to us.

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W-ing said...

Hhahahaah....great tt yall had fun!!! I wish to be there too!!! MX looks so happy drinking water in the toilet...wat water was tt??

Max said...

hot chocolate free flow ~

Raine said...

Ya lo... the chocolate freeflow BEST ar :D I drink like 10 cups every night!

W-ing said...

Hahahaha...great...Thought sewage water... =P Maybe bcos I'm studying too much.