Day 7 in Japan

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Its out third day here in Sendai.

Its really comfortable. Staying in an internet cafe that is.

I ended up buying a new jacket. A nice purple down jacket. Because I couldn't stand the cold no more. T.T

So how has it been in Sendai?

First thing, it has been cold. We've been seeing the temperature range from the negatives to max 6 degrees.

Second, its a really shoppy city.

Third, it has cheap food readily available. Thank heavens.

Today we headed down to check out Sendai itself. But we realised that most of the attractions were closed; apparently monday is a good day to close. So we tromped around the shopping arcade and morning market.

At the morning market we saw all variations of seafood available, fruit from ok affordable prices to extremely &^%^&#@ prices; e.g. 7000 yen for a melon the size of a volleyball. Thats over a 100 bucks.

Tuna, Tuna Belly. Under 15 bucks for a slab!


MX in the market.

Giant Scallop.
Monhun Banana

It seems that the wet markets here smell less bad, and have lots more competition. Within the 10 m of street stores, we saw more than 10 vendors for the same seafood. I think SG should have the same thing, but then again, we probably wouldn't need so much food. Heh. Work on the smell maybe.

Sendai is also home to interestingly attired people. Examples below.


Ever seen Piplup, Pikachu, Cheshire Cat and Chopper walking on the street?

Sendai's a fine city. Too fine for the likes of us, with too little to spend. I would definitely return here should I get the chance for a more comfortable trip to Japan next time. Perhaps a day or two will be sufficient.

I'm desperate for warmer temperatures too I realised. But my new jacket has saved the day.

Verdict: Sendai = good place. Willing to come back again. Another reason would be to actually have a look at its attractions. Although they are probably 2nd rate compared to rest of Japan.

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海英姐 said...

So funny people,they walk on street!