Nagano and the Monkeys!

Posted By: Kimberly

So as I was saying earlier, our mini tour group did a split... group Museums and Tech went southwards, and group Naturel went a little north-ish towards snow country.

It's a very scenic train trip up from Nagoya to Nagano, although if you're going by local trains, watch out for the connections on the Chuo Line. At one point, the connecting train comes by only once every few hours!

The further we got from Nagoya, the more the scenery changed to something I actually enjoyed. I don't hate architecture, but I just love Mother Nature's work more... However, the thing about going to see Snow Monkeys in their natural habitat is that you really have to do it when the weather's best for them. With the result as what you see below.

We had loads of fun with snowscape photos, especially since neither ZsupCreator nor myself have ever had an opportunity to take any before. Our first time seeing snow falling was earlier this trip, as the train zipped us along to Nagoya (we took a wrong turn).

No regrets anyway, despite his expression there. There's a lovely heater waiting for visitors in the ranger's hut at the end of the walk up to the Monkey reserve - that's where we got our noses and ears back!

We spent a few hours in the company of frolicking (though mostly eating) monkeys. Here's one stuffing his face now, though he looks awfully fuzzy and cute!

There were lots of monkeys of all ages going around the place, though hardly any newborns since this is pretty out of season, I think. The youngest we saw was trotting after its mother, not clutched in her arms. There were lots of kiddies like these though, monkeying around with each other and snatching food or tussling all over.

It was the older monkeys, though, who seemed to really enjoy this bit. Which is what we actually DID come to see. Soaking in the hotspring pool, this particular oldie was diving into the water at intervals to pick up more nibbles.

Along the way to the Monkey Reserve, there were posters telling us to watch out for various wildlife, including wrens, squirrels and this particular one called the Japanese serow. We got lucky when one decided to visit the area with the monkeys, and came down to a mere couple of storeys above the walkway where everyone was standing. The moment it was spotted, all the cameras swung around and zoomed right in, completely ignoring the monkeys that they had been so focused on before.

I think we had more fun with the monkeys though, perhaps a little closer in kind? ZsupCreator is getting in touch with his deepest roots right there, and totally enjoying it!

Which obviously completely explains this subsequent picture, snapped on our way back to the bus stop.

All in all, I think group Naturel did have much fun, the monkeys were a fab attraction to be at. Despite our initial disappointment at missing actual snowfall, this was definitely more than made up for by the gorgeous snowscapes and icy melting springs!

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