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Righty... me being me, my entries woithout a review of the gastronomic wonders we have sampled these few days... Try not to be underwhelmed. Most of these were culled from the bargain/discount sections of supermarkets and convenience stores... if not, they were from the cheapozoidalest of shops we could find. But I can tell you... ALL of it was really, really tasty! :D

Our first real meal... all 3 of us shared this. Almost like Pepper Lunch, except the nice lady whipped it up for us :D

First day spoils from the supermarket... Good stuff!

Food of choice... at $3 a pop, you can see why I'm eating this instead of "normal". I miss the good ol' hawker fare already!

The picture's really blurry, but all you need to know is that this babe can COOK. She did our first real restauranty thing, and I'm still thinking good things about it! And it was the cheapest in town, at that. If you ever drop by Choshi, go see her!

Only the Japanese... can you pick out the real cookie from the printed packaging? Yes, we couldn't believe it was the same size!

Day 2 breakfast. Hoho...

Yugawara is citrus country... oranges and lemons everywhere!

Really gorgeous sakura plum soup... er... tea. The lady said it was tea, but we believe her not because this was warm and salty and... sour. I liked it a lot! But the other two thought it was weird to have those flavours in pink food ;) Can't deny it's pretty though, and extra points for the gold flecks!

Picnic munchies for our enjoyment! Up top is the bread that Pig tried to snatch. Read next entry to find the reference :D

Today's food. Looks a lot more normal because we're splurging after skipping last night's dinner, and today's breakfast. And the early train and LOOOOOOOONG ride took a lot out of us. But mainly we're happy to see an actual city-like environment, I think.

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