Day 0.5 Peektures!

Posted By: Kimberly

Ok, this is rather belated, but far from popular belief, we have had difficulties actually getting net access ever since my iPhone went down and left us unable to mooch off people.

However, it is up again, and just to celebrate, here's a slew of pictures from our very first day!!!

This trip has been plagued with minor logistical difficulties from the start. This here is my dearly departed mini waterbottle. The nozzle cap disintegrated in my hands shortly after we landed, and the container now serves as a handy cup for MX...

This is my new waterbottle... 120 Yen from the airport vending machine, which is actually the normal price, from what I've seen around. Special features include superbig hole at the top so you can really gulp your refreshments down!

First stop, the Tourism building in Narita... it's a pavilion up the street from the temple that's the ONLY place of attraction there. What's really cool though, is the display of floats from the Gion festival. They're stored here when not in use. This is a sidewise photo I took (because I can't fix this in Japanese...) of one of them :)

We got really lucky in parking our bags, the chap running the teahouse across the street helped us out with those heavy things! So here is a freshly unburdened MX at the gate to the temple...

Some older visitors doing the traditional handwash and sip before entering the temple. We did this too, and I know why they consider this cleansing now... one splash of that liquid and your bones are cleansed. All bacteria vacates at a hint of that icy stuff -.-

Wishing fountain in the temple...

When I first saw this chap, I wondered why he was clutching a soft toy. Then when it MOVED, I peeked, hoping to see a puppy... it turned out to be a very cutesy child, but really it looked cuter like this ^.^

And this is pretty much day 0.5. No pictures of Macs... if you want to know what it's like to overnight in Macs, go East Coast... it's the same.

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