Urbanite Sendai... oozing the shopping belt :D

Posted By: Kimberly

Today was just out and about in Sendai, most of the major attractions were closed, but we were more than happy to just explore the place...

Tucked in among the many shiny shops of Clis Road was this small little shrine down an alleyway. We passed it over the other night because it looked very creepy, but since this was broad daylight we thought we'd risk taking a peek or two.

It's right there at the end of the road.

We also made it to the Morning Market area... this was more like All-Day Market. Rowdy and bustling place, even at the late hour that we finally made it there. But pictures probably say more than any of my words could...
Fried mouse anyone? Or Hamtaro?

I'll have you know that these things were bloody *wriggling* as they lay on the ice. I prefer my tentacles motionless, thank you.

Anyone want anime-scale eyes? Very shiny!

Live and sitting calmly all covered in sand, these hairy crabs were resigned to their fate.

So as we explored the streets further, we could not help but notice some people who stood out from the crowd. We love them for their guts and gumption!

His job is to give out tissue on the streets. I think he makes a very Relakked Kuma!

Yes, this chap is really asking for alms in earnest. Position is key, if you consider what's on the wall behind him.

And then we had this lot of young girls, appealing to the more bestial otakus. Either that or they're aiming for a great tissue-giving career like Rilakuma up there.

By day's end, we were back in our regular Sendai hideyhole, from which I'm bringing you this post. Special feature on them later, right after my latest food update!

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