What a Rush!

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Aye, it has been, indeed. There is so much backlog to clear, Agion-related postings, sweet, sweet memories of Kyushu, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Tateyama-Kurobe... OMG.

But one must move with the times, and I will simply have to update for what is the latest ;D Simply consider that I have taken a holiday from working on the blog to celebrate my 30th birthday, eh? :D

In any case, we are now in Tokyo at last, usually the first place that anybody visits when they come to Japan for the first time.

We arrived at Shinjuku from Matsumoto Castle, the temperature is about 16 degrees and we are killing ourselves in our layers. So now the new outfit is Agion at base layer, and a light jacket on top. Heattech just for pants, with my usual trackpants over.

It was a painful arrival, after all the hiking we did around Matsumoto yesterday. Back is aching, bags aren't feeling any lighter with the layers stacked on them instead of on our bodies. So we went and checked out what we thought was a nice place to eat - Royal Host. While resembling Big Boy, we do think that the latter is better value for money for its excellent salad bar and drinks selection. Royal Host has pretty good food at similar prices, but likes to control what the customers get to eat - they give a choice of 3 pre made salads... Bring on the salad bar, I say!

First home in Tokyo: Gera Gera Manga Kissa. Nice place that let us park our bags there while we went and ran all over the place with Edward and Dennis!

Speaking of whom, WELCOME TO JAPAN!
We will be moving in a group and messing around Tokyo for the next few days before we abandon them for Hokkaido and they will go forth to the delights of Osaka instead.

Messing around in Asakusa ;D

Anyway, we met up and had dinner part II, courtesy of Werd's pocket (YAY YAY thankew!) and then went crazy at Taito Station Asakusa, collecting a pile of stuff in winnings. In case anyone thinks we have forgotten our pathetic budget, let me just say that we won an average of 1 item per 200 yen. And both ZsupCreator and I got a GLOOMY BEAR CLOAK - BLACK each for that price, so it was more than worth it! ;D Werd also picked up the same, in pink! ZsupCreator also picked up more stuff because he was trying to get a stuck Gloomy paw... it's all good!

Taito Station Asakusa - The place to Play!

We visited Sensoji Temple after ditching our bags after, and will be returning tomorrow morning for daytime shots!

Sweet night glow!

Giant Lantern Jump Shot

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