Rocking the Yoshino River!

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We had a brilliant time along the Yoshino River with our HappyRaft guides, Teru (who incidentally also owns the HappyRaft Guesthouse) and Kobu. Sadly, the weather didn't allow us to wear our Agion Tees, because we were kitted out in double wetsuit layers. But, the tees might yet go rafting later...

We arrived at Tosa-Iwahara station two nights ago on the last train from Naruto. Having been warned that there would be nothing around for miles, we had stocked up plenty of bread type food, but were still floored by the abject darkness when we stepped out of the scruffy little train station. Good thing we had superb directions from Terry (?) and swung rightwards with faith, soon finding the Parking sign we were supposed to look out for. For the blur stumblers, please note that this sign is unlit. So if you arrive like us, just walk to find it. Directions in the daylight provided later in this post!

We soon settled in under a blooming sakura tree for the night, thanks to lovely Sachi-san, who showed us where we wouldn't get run over by a car in the morning ^.^

So back to the rafting, 10am the next day! We started with a group of seven, another party of four boys and their parent/guardian plus us. Can't describe the ride in words, but much fun splashing ensued!

The Morning Group! Father on our left, his twins and their two friends on our right!

We lost three during a particularly fun wave bashing... I think those three had the better deal :D

We also got to jump into the water from a rock... This is me, before...

And after! Unglamness edited out. HOHOHOHO.

After lunch, the party got smaller...

But no less fun!

Teru, who was with us on the boat the whole way. Thank you for showing us a great time on the water and out of it!

Kobu, our cameraman who was in the safety boat, whose sacrifice meant he wasn't in most of the photos with us... Thank you for the brilliant memories!

So afterwards I went to cook dinner. And that was pretty much it for the day! We spent another night there, since camping was free and the river ride singed our pathetic budget a little (TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH!).

Here are some more photos for those of you who want to check out the place... First up, the directions:

1. Take the train to Tosa-Iwahara Station

2. Turn right as you exit the station... see the nearest red sloped roof? That's the place! Start walking...

3. You will pass this shop along the way... it is place-to-buy-all-things-dinner run by very nice aunty! We got extra half cabbage from her when we went to get pork and noodles for dinner!

4. Tada! Front Entrance!

But there is more...!

Washing area, on B1!

Also on B1, the gear stores, changing rooms, kit distribution area, gathering area and etc.

This is what the shop complex looks like, from our campsite! Double storey building on ground level from up top, B1 with all the stuff and B2, where the canoes are parked and us, too!

We also like the non-humans at the shop... we met three of them, wonder if that is all or are there more?

First one, not so small and not quite grown... a little scared, but still very much after affection. Completely prancing around at the chance of walking, and barks only when indoors at night O.o We met this lovely when we got in the first night, and didn't dare to do anything because of the valiant noisy guard.

Second barky critter! But very cute when drinking water from the hand... which it willingly does if approached even though she/he starts out barkybarkybarky... Unfortunately this photo was taken after an attempt to get a snack from us failed. No chocolate for doggies unless they have Raksu-type constitution!

Last but not least, the cute-to-the-max puppy! More barky than the rest combined, still a little afraid of people, but obviously enjoys scratching and pets and wants lots of hugs!

All in all, it was a very satisfactory trip, and we do hope to return because we heard that there is a competition coming up in May that customers get to take part in if they want, mostly for fun! We must build up shoulders and arms for that, and hope we have the budget when the time comes!

So we end this post with a fun vid... Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Thats Brilliant.
Cheers Mark

Raine said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it... hopefully we can drop by again sometime! :D