Post-Tottori... Tottery, Tottering...

Posted By: Kimberly

No kidding. The net connection from the place I am currently in is not bad, but the computers are laggy as all hells, so I will have to make this blogpost text-only, and (relatively) short. BUT.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY! Actually, 2 of them

1. I am once again impressed by Japan's excellence in being, well... human. I thought I lost my memory card for good when I left it behind in Himeji a while back, at the internet cafe I was staying overnight in. Lo and behold, today we happened to pass through so I thought I'd pop by and check, just in case... IT WAS STILL THERE!

This is something that would never happen in Singapore. Leave your phone behind... *pouf* Leave your keys behind, change your lock. Leave your snazzy bicycle outdoors... still a high chance of disappearing. Leave your memory card out of your camera? Forget about seeing it again.

I will definitely post more about the amazing place once I get on better computers. Now that my entire set of photos are back, I can do the extravaganza I planned for the amazing Himeji Castle outing!

2. I have BUSTED my Agion Tee!

Well, not exactly, it still looks like a T-shirt and all. But in the latest cycle of wearing it down, after a mere 8 days of non-washing, both sides are smelling exactly the same. Of course, this might have to do with the fact that I haven't really bathed properly in a while (plus minus dunking in raging river waters), but I think this still counts for something. When the trip began, the treated side of the shirt was holding its own against my personal pong for longer than.

We are currently considering if I have actually just overwhelmed the chemicals with the sheer extent of personal nonhygiene I have been subjecting it to. Will be giving it a good wash and then updating again in a bit.

So, apologies to all for the half-dead blog, we do have loads of backlog to catch up on, really!

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