Toyama. Japan's most boring prefecture.

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Next morning, we decided to find out more about Toyama and its surroundings. The place seemed out of a DREAM, because the streets were empty even at 10am in the morning? We went to the TIC which was located in a shopping centre, and when they couldn't give us much info in English, we headed to the other one near the Station. Who somehow spoke better English and told us to visit, Takaoka, apparently a place of sightseeing, with old houses and what-not.

We took a train, that cost us 320 yen to Takaoka. And was greeting by railway construction, a nice facade, a stamp and it seemed perfect. So we decided to put our stuff into a locker, to check out the place, which seemed to have a HUGE buddha, and some shopping areas. Lo' and behold, what greeted us when we reached the shopping street was this.

A street of nothing? At 1pm?

So we decided, maybe, just maybe, the people wake up late here, or there is more to be seen? Hence we trudged on, in hopes that the place would betray its dreamy looks.

Guess what? We were wrong. The place was such a DREAMland that EVERYTHING we walked past was closed or half open, i.e. the open ones didn't even seem to have anyone staffing the place. In fact, when we asked the very nice TIC, they told us of an internet cafe that wasn't even one? It was a place with computers, that's about it, most definitely not a cafe. The place was such a DREAMY place that the most populated place was this WINGWING plaza, that houses the library and seemed to double as some sort of information counter.

The most interesting part of Takaoka was probably the multiple brass statues and sculptures we found all over the place, some Doraemon, Musicians of Bremen, etc.

Desperate to awake from this DREAM, we headed back to Toyama, hence incurring another 320 yen cost, PLUS locker fee which kept our bags for about 2 hours @ 600 yen. On the way to Toyama, we realised that the place seemed to have awoken from its DREAMLIKE state, because we actually saw people walking around!?

The TIC told us before we left that there was an internet cafe on the third floor of the stations. So with a nagging doubt in my head, i headed to the third floor to check it out. LO AND BEHOLD. I WAS RIGHT. The purported internet cafe was a CUBICLE.

I decided that since we had nothing to do, and we had some maps of internet cafes in the vicinity to try ONE LAST TIME to find out whether there were any 24hr internet cafes nearby. So I asked the nice lady, "Do you know any 24 hour internet cafes near here?"

Her reply was. "VERY FAR, take bus to (place name) and it will be called (place name)"


Here I am in a place which seems to be well developed, but it has no internet cafe within walking distance. I conclude that this place must be out of someones DREAM.

We took the bus out to the supposed place, and on our way passed by the shopping arcade. Guess what? It was DESOLATE. I guess nothing like that really surprises me anymore in Toyama.

Finally after disembarking from the bus at what seemed to be along a highway exit, we found our VERY NICE INTERNET CAFE. Which offered 24 hour rates. The first internet cafe we have been to that offers it though. And I can probably guess why, the Otaku's who have no jobs, and NEET's can't possibly survive in Toyama the place of nothingness?! So to provide supply to the demand, 24 hour rates are offered! Much to our delight.

Now, to get an idea of what the place is actually like? Replace ALL instances of DREAM with NIGHTMARE. There, now you get the idea.

Conclusion: Unless you have time to burn? Or maybe the day Toyama has a properly built up tourism infrastructure? Don't go there. There is nothing. NOTHING. Of course it is the transit point for Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, but since its transitting, you won't get depressed seeing the whole amazingly empty city.

What Matsuya, Sukiya? The only thing this place has is EXPENSIVE-YA?! - Me, expressing my disgust @ the emptiness of Toyama and Takaoka.

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