Osaka, we love you!

Posted By: Kimberly

We have just left that city this morning, but after spending the last three days there, we conclude that we will definitely return! No small stamp of approval, this, since we have hardly had that to say about the previous places that we have visited. Not that we didn't like them, more like we felt we had just about enough of them... Exceptions were made only for people who impressed us, like Kyoto's excellent takoyaki guy!

So anyway, quick run down of our itinerary in Osaka went like this:

Day 1: Reach hotel, CRASH BIG TIME.

Yes, no kidding, that is exactly what we did. Or rather, we got there at 7am and were told we could only check in at 4pm. So we proceeded to fall asleep on their reception area couches and voila, when we regained consciousness at 11am, they took pity (or were anxious to get rid of us unsightly lot) and lo, there was a room ready. Whereupon we went there and crashed for the rest of the afternoon too.

Day 2: Osaka Aquarium and its surrounds!

Day 3: Tennoji Zoo, Shitennoji Temple, ATC, WTC Cosmo Tower

Day 4: Osaka Castle (Museum), Post Office, Santa Maria Cruise, Fugetsu Okonomiyaki, Floating Garden Observatory

More about the various attractions in a later post... there is just too much to handle at one go!

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