Agion in the Interim

Posted By: Kimberly

I am still having fun anyway!

A sort of quickie note to those who have been helping me test out the link:

Thanks much for your dedication, ladies and gentlemen. I really appreciate your support and I have to admit that I very much would have liked to get that prize ;D

Alas, it seems that the link isn't going to be fixed anytime soon and the competition is swiftly catching up. It is kind of sianz, especially after everyone put in the effort and helped to spread the word, but I guess what will be will be?

In any case, I just wanted to thank you for clicking for me. I still hold faint hopes that they might fix it, but figure it also might not happen. Ah well.


Yayness! A miracle breakthrough! We are back in business again :)

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2 zsupplets:

Sasa J. said...

May i ask from which tropical country are you guys from? You seem as fun crew.
I'm from Croatia. Hoping to settle one day in Takayama.

Anonymous said...