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Been carrying flu for a couple weeks, and in the last two days it finally decided to make a stand. Losing battle, I know, but it did bring me down for a bit so I made good on my travel insurance and picked up some nice tasty meds from a doctor.

Nasty virus goes *rawr*
Up yours, evil viruses! Well, actually I didn't have to take the ones in the foreground - just in case I ran a high fever. I did have to add the rest to my current diet, though.

This means we didn't do much around Hakodate even though we stayed here for 3 days so far... our actual exploration has only covered one evening and a day, really. But we like what we see anyway!

So our first foray into the touristy rounds of Hakodate had to be its Number One attraction, of course. Mt Hakodate's night view from the observatory up top!

Lucky us, we had a lovely blanket of mist obscure the city view for much of the evening. Although it was a thin sort of blanket, so my DSLR came to the rescue by pretending the mist didn't exist at all in the photographs...

The horror of having 1/3 of the photograph bathed in mist.
The mountains have vanished and Hakodate looks astonishingly flat.

Ooo la la... good camera = Hakodate looks pretty anyway!

I have to say it really was quite beautiful, though I would have appreciated it more if the winds on Mt Hakodate had left more of my fingers and nose and ears alone. I really like the photographs I managed to get, but I really had to earn these!
This morning the flu has backed off to a dribbly sort of standstill (better than the green slime I've had to cough up before, anyways), so we also twirled around the Hakodate Morning Market, where ZsupCreator tried his hand at squid fishing and hooked us a nice fresh breakfast! It was everything squid sashimi should be... firm, with that squidly sweetness bursting into the mouth. ZsupCreator hooked one with egg, too. So I had extra nutrients because he didn't like its slimy texture.
Selecting the most succulent one...
Amidst the filleting process, the guy suddenly picked up the decapitated head and scraped it on the cutting board a few times. Then he put it back on the board, whereupon the head rose up upon the tentacles and attempted to run away! *curiosity + shockhorror*
I wonder how many karma points I lost today T.T

We did some walking around after, running through the Red Brick Warehouse shopping bits and the waterfront area (where we had lunch), toddled up the hill to see Carl Raymon's museum (not much to see, really) and ended up in Goryokaku Park (star-shaped, but no pictures of this because we were stingy and didn't want to shell 720yen to go up the tower).

ZsupCreator: "Why? Why did you have your museum so obscurely hidden up that steep slope?"
C.Raymon: "It seemed a good idea to have my house on Mt. Hakodate at the time... good view, you know."

View of expensive tower from the eyes of a garden-goer...

I love what I have seen of Hokkaido so far... I wonder what comes next?

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