Agion Rocks On!

Posted By: Kimberly

So after that last time I reported that I seem to have zilched my Agion Tee, it is my pleasure to say that it is up and running again! According to the Agion peeps, the shirt does require some degree of rejuvenation via washing. Even better if it can be run through a dryer...

This presents an interesting puzzle to me... because I don't generally use a dryer at home. So there are definitely going to be tests for this once I get back home.

So after some exposure to nice clean water and a little sunshine... (Ok, we really did get around to washing machine, detergent and a dryer cycle) the shirt was subjected to a little more stress!

We spent the last couple of days in Kagoshima, the furthest south we have been in Japan. This meant that the ambient temperature became quite a bit warmer than we have been used to so far, so the Agion tee got promoted to base layer. For the most part, it was actually the only layer - first time on this trip I actually got to run around wearing just tee and berms! It did mean that the shirt got a good workout right after it was washed though, and I have to say that the shirt seems to be working better now.

I hesitate to say it is completely back to normal, though, because while the treated side registers a noticeable degree of difference from the untreated side, it seems that it has not completely recovered from its unwashed ordeal. The treated side used to be practically smell proof for days! Now it is working hard enough for a day's climb, but I think more regular washing is needed to get things back to what it was before.

So remember, ladies and gentlemen, treat your equipment well and it will love you back! :D

At Yunohira Lookout Point on Sakurajima - the nearest anyone can get to the volcano without working for the Met agency. 1/2 shirt straining but still smelling all right for 2 hours uphill slog!

We are back to 3 layers weather, but the Agion tee is going to the Takayama Spring Festival as base layer next for some more hard work. I really want to see if having the really thin thermal layer I was wearing before was helping the tee to do its job all along ;D

EDIT: Forecast of snow showers at Takayama today, with 1 deg temp at the lowest. No freaking way to wear the Agion as base. Maybe in warmer climes...

Also, the chemicals seem to have kicked in while I slept in it overnight... half the shirt now smells nice and clean while the other half smells like... well, like I slept in it! I think the earlier sniff test was probably when the sweat hadn't quite cleared out yet.

Morning bath to the rescue! ;D

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