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Posted By: Kimberly

Right. It pretty much took me the entire time between the previous post and
this one to figure out how to do a nice blogpost with photos via mail from my iPhone. I wanted more than just one photo per post, that was my crime T.T

The solution turns out to be eM@il sender... great app!

So back to the important stuff. we volunteered to take this shirt on all our activities coming up, so you guys'll be seeing lots of it. It's gonna keep half our bodies smelling nice while the other half suffers what reek there will be.

first impressions:
The shirt is super comfy, seriously. I'd wear it even without the chemical treatment.

Also hoping for a healthy colour range eventually... white isn't really my colour of choice for traipsing around in all terrains and weather conditions. We shall see what happens on the trip.

Not going to sweat it out at home - what kind of test would *that* make anyway? More to come! :)

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