Logic behind our Visa problem

Posted By: Max

The problem:
1. I have a Japan Visa that is valid for 90 days stay
2. I have a Air ticket that requires me to stay for 91 days

1 & 2 conflicts

FYI this is the Immigration Procedures Guidebook

A foreign national must, in principle, satisfy the following conditions for landing in Japan before he is permitted to enter the country with the status of residence and period of stay authorized.
  1. The foreign national must hold a valid passport;
  2. A valid visa must be affixed to the passport, unless the foreign national is exempt;
  3. The activities that the foreign national will be engaged in while in Japan as stated in the application must be true and must fall under one of the status of residence categories.
  4. The period of stay as requested in the application must comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Justice Ordinance.
  5. The foreign national must not fall under any of the grounds for denial of landing.
    If, as a result of a landing examination by an immigration inspector at the port of entry, a foreign national is found not to conform to the conditions for landing, the case will be assigned to a special inquiry officer*, who will hold a hearing 

    If the special inquiry officer finds that the foreign national satisfies the conditions for landing as a result of the hearing, he will promptly be granted landing permission 

    On the other hand, if a foreign national receives notice that he does not conform to the conditions for landing, the foreign national may either submit to the finding or file an objection. In the case of the former, the foreign national will be ordered to leave Japan. In the case of the latter, the foreign national may file an objection with the Minister of Justice within three days after receipt of the notice

    If the Minister of Justice receives an objection from a foreign national whom a special inquiry officer has found not to conform to the conditions for landing, the Minister will decide whether the objection is with reason: that is, whether the foreign national conforms to the conditions for landing. If the Minister decides that the objection is with reason, permission to land will promptly be given to him. If the Minister decides that the objection is without reason, however, the foreign national will be ordered to leave Japan

    If a foreign national who is ordered to leave Japan fails to do so without delay, he will be deported.
    The Minister of Justice may, even if an objection is found to be without reason, give special permission for landing to a foreign national if the foreign national has received re-entry permission or if the Minister finds that there are special extenuating circumstances that warrant the foreign national to land

    Japanese landing examination procedures for foreign nationals allow a foreign national who is not immediately permitted to land ample opportunity to assert and prove that he does, in fact, meet the conditions for landing. To ensure that the examination is conducted carefully, it is composed of three steps.


    For our 91 day stay period

    Estimated chance of success

    20% chance of landing permission without questions
    40%  landing permission after questioning 
    25% special landing permission (if I drag long enough in detain room)
    15% Order to leave Japan

    Cost of "Order to leave" Japan  > $1000 + disappointment
    Assume for $X, I can reduce that risk from 15% to 0%

    Then for X < (15% * $1000)
    It is logical to Pay the price

    the first offer to change flight from travel agency is $300++ for 1 day change
    My answer is NO

    The 2nd offer is $150 for 4 days forward shift. 
    the opportunity cost of changing the last 4 days forward is actually Negative -(cost of staying in japan for 4 days)
    So the actual cost of changing is negligible.
    So my answer is YES


    Ps. Personally, I don't mind risking it though. Where is the fun if we eliminate all risks~ 

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