Once In A Lifetime

Posted By: Kimberly

So I got to thinking randomly about the plans, and I don't know if it's going to be just Japan now with air ticket prices swirling downwards. I mean, it'd save us more, in a way, but I'd still want to visit Taiwan some day. And go back to Hong Kong, or drop by Shenzhen. Even in the region there's no shortage of places to be visiting :)

There was a time I thought I would plan all my trips so that I could cover everything about the country that I wanted, so I wouldn't have a reason to go back and could keep my feet moving onwards into new territory. And then there was that trip to NZ. We did everything we wanted to and more. Discovered the Real Reason for the sneaky little charity-purposed candy dispensers in every single town and village we visited (seriously, they were EVERYWHERE), stared down vacant-eyed seals and whooped our way northwards with ease, hating Wellington along the way. That's when I found that I wanted to go back. Though I won't, without a good reason. I'll not find the same kind of fun and laughter I had, not with a different group, at a different time, in places that seem the same but can't be.

To me, the sharing is as much of the journey as the little process that I go through inside of myself. I couldn't generate enough lame jokes or spastic commentary for me. It's like trying to tickle yourself. It's just as important, who you go with, as where you go, perhaps even more so. I recall the tale of a young lady I met at Selingan, who recounted how her trip of a lifetime nearly turned into a nightmare, with her ex-best-friend (whom she'd known all her life) gradually transformed into an abusive prat as the trip wore on, to the point where the lady despaired and decided to split from the planned itinerary to get away from that freakish beast she once called friend.

I hope I never have to do that, nor any of the people who've ever travelled with me ;)

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