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Posted By: Kimberly

I often say my favourite time of day is the night. When it's mostly quieter, the lighting usually less harsh (save for the random careless flash of torchlight), and most of the creepy crawlies are scurrying or flittering around in near-invisibility. Hey, what you can't see won't hurt as much, right?

This is the time when I settle down for that last dash along a bustling market street, after-dinner drinks or disco, if I'm somewhere urban... or toss the dishes aside in a plastic bag, stomp on the dying coals and start peering for starlight, if I'm not.

Among my most memorable nights overseas, right up there at the top of the list, is a night I spent at Noordin Beach. On that little island just north of the Singapore mainland, P. Ubin. (Take ferry = over sea already ok?)

As my party set up shop for the night, eyeing the tangle of lightsticks set up by an over enthu fishing party just a few feet away, I had no idea the disco-type lighting was the least of my ambience-disrupting worries. At least that lot was decent enough to keep their satay fanning and rokmuzik to themselves. So my party did our thing, they did theirs, we all bunged along and rolled up for the night in relative harmony.

And then it came. *thumpthumpthumpthumpthump* My sleeping skills are renowned for lasting through earthquakes and thunderstorms, mind you. But this overseas party was totally on another scale. It wasn't even taking place in the country I was in! Some amazing Malaysian nightspot was whanging along suddenly at the ungodly hours (seriously. all the way to almost dawn i swear) and the waves and wind of the Straits were more than happy to channel it all our way. I would *hate* to be in the nightspot. Especially when I can feel the vibe literally kilometers away. Yeeesh.

Yup. Memorable night top spot. Not a romantic encounter, or weird hoodoo, nuh uh.

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