Tohoku Youth Ambassador Day 1

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Allow me to start the post with the highlight of the 8 hour flight via ANA direct from SGP to NRT. That's right, in any flight, the highlight HAS to be the in-flight meals! So anyways, I always got my meal first, as I had a special arrangement for my meals (bane and boon as you will see later).

 No proawn as you can see. Danbo Approves.

 Some amazing spring water from Toyama!

 This is what normal people got.

 Lays and water. Well the bags a plus, but "No proawn" scores 1 against "normal.

 Breakfast! What I woke up to, after a 2 hour nap.
 Zzzzz. Could it get any blander?!

 Boiled potatoes, boiled friend omelette, boiled mushrooms, boiled tomato. Danbo does not make a cameo.

 This is what normal people got. :O

Finally after touchdown at Narita Airport, I proceeded to immigration. No pictures though, I remember what happened the last time I took one. Below are some pictures of the situation in NRT AP though.

 No unnecessary lights.
 Travellators are off, because people actually don't need much effort to walk horizontally.

After clearing the customs, it was off to another long journey! A 5 hour drive to Sendai (turned out to be 6 due to road works). We made a couple stops along the way, at Expressway Service Areas (Kinda like Hokkaido's Road Stations or Malaysia's Rest Stops.) And at the first of these stops we got our lunch!

 Rendezvous with the ekiben van.

 The Ekiben.

 Unboxing the ekiben.

 Looks good. Really good. Trust me, looks better than it tastes lol.

But just so everyone knows, I did eat the lot, rice and meat, so I'd like to make a point that as much as radiation is a worry to people, it does not affect ALL food items. The Japanese government is already doing as much as they can to intercept and prevent the spread of irradiated food so KUDOS TO THEM.

 Next rest stop. Chop point 2.

 So awesome. Even got dog run.

We finally reached our destination. Fujisaki Departmental Store, where on the 4th floor, we had our lesson at making the mini tanabata decorations. 

 Parts required to make the kimono. 6 parts in all.


 Better view. Front.

 Back view. I screwed up the obi. T.T
 Group photo. Or rather table photo! Our sensei is the lady in the middle. And second from the right is Aki Meguro, our friendly translator from Tohoku Womens University (?).
 Well, I'm stopping here for the night, as it's gonna be an early day tomorrow. Volunteer work at Rikuzentakata. Will post more about the nights events! So please stay tuned and do comment, I appreciated them lots!

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